A Full Head…and Heart

At the beginning of this month, I flew to Washington, DC for Fulbright Teacher Orientation Workshop. This had been something I looked forward to since receiving the selection email in April. After a weekend of fun with my good friend Dana (heyyyy girl), I spent the next four days inhaling everything Fulbright. Here are the highlights/observations/stats:

1-44 US teachers and 21 International teachers spent four days participating in workshop sessions aimed at administering our grant, hearing from alumni, and developing our projects.

2-While I was extremely nervous, the workshop put me at ease. Wheeeeew!

3- I was in complete awe the entire time. I was almost scared to speak (I know, eye roll) because each and every one of the people present at the workshop was unbelievable. The only way to describe how I felt after the four days was to tell everyone that I had a full head…and heart. I’m so proud to be part of this program!

4- I was able to visit the Botswana Embassy on my final day with two teachers and a lawyer from Botswana. I was beyond geeking out when we met the ambassador to the US and I was able to learn more about the education system in Botswana.

5- The food was good. Like, soooooo good.

The workshop was the perfect sendoff to a new school year and new adventures. I’m excited for the next few months!

The Botswana Crew!
The Botswana Crew!
Willow River to Botswana. Woot Woot!


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